Frequently Asked Questions


What experience do you have performing magic? Where have you performed before?

I learned magic performance and balloon sculpting while apprenticing at Howard's House of Hocus Pocus in Buffalo, New York from when I was ten to fifteen years old.  I started as Howard's assistant when he performed shows and gained invaluable experience demonstrating and selling magic at the shop.  By age 11, I was doing my own shows at parties and special events.  

What experience do you have working with children?

In addition to performing magic for children and adults since I was 10, I have worked as a teacher for 30 years, teaching science, math, marine science and magic.

What kind of magic do you do?

I perform both close-up wandering magic and a stage show.  Close-up magic includes cards, coins, money and rope tricks suitable for wandering or table magic.  If a stage show for a large group with lots of audience participation better suits your needs, AlakaSam can deliver with illusions such as the Linking Rings and Sword Through Neck! All of my magic is participatory and includes lots of audience member assistance. Volunteers make the magic happen so it is a very uplifting experience.  

How much space do you need?

Close up magic is accomplished with small props produced from my "bag of tricks" either while wandering  from one small group to another (cocktail party setting) or while table hopping (dinner or party setting).  My stage show can fill a stage or fit into a living room.

How far in advance should I book?

Large shows during the busy summer or holiday seasons should be booked up to 6 monnths in advance.  Smaller private parties should be booked 2 - 4 weeks in advance. Last minute booking acceptable - contact me for availably 206.522.4889.

How does payment work?

Payment can be made by cash, credit card or check payable to AlakaSam.  Payment can be made in advance or collected at the event.


Do you do shows for adults?

Definitely!  I tailor my show to your audience.  Whether a stage show or close-up magic, miracles by AlakaSam for adults includes mindblowing mentalism, mind reading, sleight-of-hand card, coin, coin rope and money magic tricks.

Do you do weddings?

Yes, Magic by AlakaSam is an excellent addition to weddings.  My performance includes lots of audience participation so folks are provided with a unique opportunity to meet and get to know others.  And miracles by AlakaSam will unite all your guests in wondering, "How in the world did he do that?"

Are you liscenced and insured?

Yes, I am liscenced as the limited liability company AlakaSam LLC and have a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

How does the SCIENCE come into play?

AlakaSam was a science teacher for 30 years.  As a magical teacher, he has accumulated a repertoire of science magic tricks.  AlakaSam is seeking funding to further develop his science magic shows.  Contact AlakaSam at 206.522.4889 to provide support. Click here for more information.

How do you incorporate balloon twisting?

AlakaSam is a balloon artist and makes more than 100 different balloon animals, fruits, flowers and hats! Amazingly, AlakaSam can blow up the balloons without a pump! He can very quickly craft balloon animals for volunteers as part of a magic performance or consider hiring AlakaSam to sculpt balloons exclusively. AlakaSam also offers step-by-step workshops on how to make balloon animals.  Balloons animals serve as festive party favors that your guests can take home with them!  Click here for more information.

Are you a clown?

No.  I come dressed as a magician in a tuxedo.