Corporate and Community Shows


  • Corporate parties, retreats or gatherings
  • Weddings and family celebrations
  • All-School assemblies, fairs, festivals or class workshops
  • Library, Community and Child Care Center performances
  • Senior Center special presesentations
  • Scouting or other organizations
  • Churches and Synagogues 

Close-Up Wandering Magic


Close-Up magic provides a shared experience of magic miracles that will have everyone asking, "How in the world did he do that?!"

  • Ideal for large group gatherings, AlakaSam will wander from group to group or entertain folks waiting in line and perform close-up magic
  • AlakaSam's close-up magic includes sleight of hand card, coin, rope, silk and money magic miracles that happen right in your hand!
  • Hourly rate for wandering magic goes down the longer you hire AlakaSam
  • Balloon sculpture for volunteers can add a festive touch 

Stage Magic


AlakaSam's Classic Magic Show is a stage or parlor show that can be performed in any setting with a seated audience where AlakaSam provides all materials including tables:

  • Ideal for all audiences from 4 to 400 people
  • Comedy magic show includes the appearing cane, the Chinese Linking Rings, rope and silk magic and mentalism
  • Shows can run from 40 to 60 minutes and several volunteers will help make the magic happen so it is a very uplifting experience! 
  • Magic by AlakaSam is fun, participatory amazing and memorable!  
  • Balloon sculpture for volunteers can add a festive touch 

Close-Up Magic and Stage Show

Hire AlakaSam to perform Close-Up Wandering Magic to generate excitement for the Stage Show that follows for all.

AlakaSam's presentation style as well as his participatory magic draws folks in. AlakaSam is licensed and insured and provides all his own equipment and performs for corporations and community groups inside or outside.

206.522.4889  or  Contact AlakaSam


"Sam has been a presence at our Corporate Christmas party... "

Sam has been a presence at our Corporate Christmas party for a few years now. We keep inviting him back because every age group enjoys his magic! The kids and adults alike are mesmerized and entertained throughout. He is kind and genuine with the kids and they can tell how much he enjoys working with them, especially as he incorporates "helpers" into the show! They love it! Thanks Sam, we'll see you again in December I hope!

-Rhiannon Scriven, American Piledriving Equipment

206.522.4889  or  Contact AlakaSam